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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that is famous for its fast, high spinning kicks. Contestants wear head and body protectors and points are scored by striking various points of the opponent’s body but contestants can only strike each other with their feet and their closed hands.

Taekwondo is recognised by the Commonwealth Games Federation as a sport which has potential for inclusion in future Commonwealth Games. By becoming a 'category two' sport, taekwondo is now eligible for inclusion by prospective cities within their selection of up to seven additional sports. The earliest Games in which canoeing could have been included in was in the Gold Coast 2018 Games.

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Bouts are held on a square measuring 8m by 8m, with a 2m margin that is not a part of the fighting area. The fighters begin facing each other. After they have bowed to each other, the referee calls out “shijak” and the fighting begins
Bouts consist of three two-minute rounds. To win a bout before the end of the third round, a fighter must achieve a lead of 12 points at the end of the second round or at any time in the third
The winner is the athlete with most points at the end of the bout
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