Day 10’s early morning medal haul continued as Team England racked up yet another gold and silver medal in the men’s TT6-10 singles, as Ross Wilson beat Kim Daybell in an all-English final. 

Daybell and Wilson, who are roommates at the athlete’s village, advanced past South African Theo Cogil and Welshman Joshua Stacey in the semi-finals on Friday, respectively. And while there was bound to have been celebrations on a guaranteed one-two for England, there was certain to be some friendly competition in their room last night. 

Daybell, from Sheffield, got off to a better start as he took the first set 11-7, but Wilson fought back and took the next three sets to win 3-1 in a very evenly-fought match. 

Wilson and Daybell’s success took England’s medal tally to 11 for the day, with plenty of success likely to follow as the boxing finals continue to pile in thick and fast. 

Wilson said: "This is something I have always dreamed off but never thought it was possible. Coming out here and playing Kim in the final, who is a great player, I didn’t think it could have gone my way but today it did and I really brought out my best game today. 

“To get England a one-two, a gold-silver, is absolutely fantastic and that’s what we came here to do.

“It’s a bit different going into the match because you are playing against someone you train with all the time. It is strange playing a match against them, but you just have to go into it and do your best to win the match.”

Daybell said: "Credit to Ross, he played a fantastic game today - he was just a little bit better than me on the day.

"You know each other so well and you always want the best for each other, but you also want to win - so it's hard to find that kind of balance in competitiveness and friendship. Today he was a little bit better than me, and I'm really proud of him. 

"We came here to get the England one-two, which is exactly what we did, it would have been nice for me to go one step further but it was Ross. It really bodes well moving forward for us."