Jack Laugher continued on from his dominant diving displayed on Wednesday with yet another gold, this time in the men’s 3m springboard final on day 8.

Finishing with a spectacular score of 519.4, Laugher put on a diving master-class to effortlessly leave the competition in his wake, with second-placed Phillippe Gagne of Canada registering a score of 66.7 less than the Englishman. 

Much like Day 7’s emphatic performance in the men’s 1m springboard final, Laugher put together a performance of intricate yet difficult moves, executed to aplomb with a handful of 90+ point routines. 

Laugher admitted after his initial success on Wednesday he was hoping to improve on his “heart-breaking” silver-medal disappointment in Glasgow on the 3m springboard, and he did just that.

With Day 8’s success, Laugher has doubled his medal tally, with a perfect double gold-performance on the Gold Coast. 

Ross and Jack Haslam also competed, with Ross falling just agonisingly out of the medals in fourth after an elegant performance, and Jack registering a score of 389 to round off the top-eight. 

Laugher said: "I'm really proud, especially coming off of Glasgow - heart-breaking second place. I'm really proud to come out here, outdoors at night and really nail the competition, get a fan static score, to get my first ever 3m Commonwealth title - the one that probably means the most to me. Fantastic list, I'm really happy with how me and my coach have worked it and made sure that we came back from the disinter of this morning to nail it. 

"I have got a lot of experience in the 3m obviously, so I've pulled them out a lot, I've worked really hard with my strength and conditioning team, my diving coach, my physios - everything to get me in great shape for here. I'm still struggling, still not back to full fitness, so 520 outside and at nice, going through all the pressures of going for that Commonwealth title, I'm really proud of what I achieved. It wasn't a great build-up, but to have a great competition and a great start to the international season, I'm really happy."