To celebrate Team England’s most successful Commonwealth Games to date, “Golden Gateways”, a legacy-leaving initiative was launched to commemorate the 57 Team England gold medals won at Birmingham 2022. Each gold medal winning athlete will have a golden plaque installed at sporting venues across the host nation.

Last week, it was gold medal winning gymnast Joe Fraser’s turn to return to Birmingham to have his ‘Golden Gateway’ plaque unveiled at the GMAC centre in Birmingham.

Speaking on how the GMAC helped prepare him for the world stage, Joe says, “I chose to have my plaque installed in Birmingham at the GMAC (Gymnastics and Martial Arts Centre) because I’ve trained here since I was nine or ten years old and it’s been a big part of my journey. I’ve done lots and lots of hours in here, probably more than I have at home so it’s something that’s really close to my heart.”

“This venue has been so positive and influential in my journey with the people I’ve been able to train with, my training partners, my coach. These people have pushed me along the journey when I’ve not believed in myself or had hard days.”

 “I wouldn’t have been able to perform on the games equipment without the venues like the GMAC who have the equipment ready to go…the GMAC has made a huge difference.”