Oscar Bilbao was inspired to win four Commonwealth Youth Games golds by a US Navy Seal mindset. 

The 17-year-old swimmer, who currently resides in Dubai, was Team England's top performer at Trinbago 2023.

He swept the men’s breaststroke events, clinching 50-metre, 100m and 200m gold and contributing to 4x100m mixed medley relay success to take his title tally to four.

Alongside cyclist Hannah Barnes’ four golds at Pune 2008, it stands as one of the best performances from any Team England athlete in the history of the Games.

Inspired by the resilience of former US Navy Seal David Goggins, the breaststroker is intent on developing himself both in and out of the pool on the way to international success.

"I've been learning more about the mental side of swimming recently," he said."

"I look up to David Goggins, who is an ex-Navy Seal, as he is really good with mentality and staying driven.

"If I can be anywhere near as close to how motivated he is then I think I can succeed in the pool.

"He went from an average man to fight for his country and do marathons and inspire others.

"He's written a lot of books, talking about not quitting and being resilient.

"It can sometimes just be about taking one step back in order to take two steps forward.

"That's what my mindset in sport is like."

Bilbao learnt to swim alongside his older brother at their childhood home of Hereford before moving to Dubai.

Inspired to carry on with the sport, Bilbao joined Hamilton Aquatics Dubai and has thrived in the water ever since, recently reaching the 100m breaststroke semi-finals at the European Junior Championships in Belgrade.

The teenager harvested the learnings from his international debut and came back better to secure top spot in Trinbago.

"My parents always wanted me and my brother to be comfortable in the water and then my brother James began more competitive swimming later on," he said.

"I followed in his footsteps and continued that out here at Hamilton when we came to Dubai.

"My training out here is very specifically catered to the swimmer I am and there's a lot of attention to detail.

"I really appreciate that care in my coaching, it's specific for me and it's specific for others.

"This has been one of my consistent seasons constantly training at a high level.

"I've previously struggled with consistency, but I've managed to maintain that high level this season.

"European Juniors wasn't the best in terms of my results, but it allowed me some learnings to take forward into Trnbago."