Sheffield swimming sensation Sienna Robinson had to put her Commonwealth Games dreams on hold when her appendix burst at qualification for Birmingham 2022 last year. 

But after finding her groove again, the 18-year-old's Team England dreams finally came to life as she roared to a record-breaking 50m breaststroke victory at the Commonwealth Youth Games. 

Having banked 200m silver, she followed up 50m success with gold in the 100m and then contributed to Team England's mixed 4x100m medley relay triumph, capping an incredible Games.

Taking the role of the bookish, academic sibling within her active family, Robinson only discovered her love of swimming five years ago.

“I wasn’t the typical sporty person as a kid,” she said. “My siblings were all really good runners and really athletic whereas I liked to read. 

“I was always quite tall and broad, and I always got told I’d be a great swimmer; I wasn’t the healthiest kid either. 

“When I finally took up swimming really late, I was terrible, I was absolutely shocking. 

“After about a year of doing it just out of enjoyment, I PB’d by about ten seconds and got my first national time - that was the day where I thought, ‘I can take this seriously’. 

“I finally got back into the pool after lockdown, and I wanted to qualify so badly for Birmingham at the Commonwealth trials but my appendix ruptured during the qualifying race. "

After a turbulent few months of recovery, the teenager bounced back to her breaststroke best, adding to her senior experience last year by competing in Berlin at the World Cup level. 

It was an experience that yielded much and led to her making a senior international final alongside five-time Commonwealth Games medallist Abbie Wood in the 200m breaststroke.

And with four Commonwealth youth medals now tucked in her pocket, Robinson is reaping the rewards.

She said: “I’ve been to a few senior competitions like the World Cup in Berlin last October. 

“It was even better that I managed the final because I did that alongside Abbie Wood, it was an amazing experience at that level. 

“My confidence was really knocked by qualifiers last year so it was good to have that later on in 2022. 

“There are 52 weeks in a year and it’s okay to have an off week, and that just happened to be an off week. 

“I think I do just have a few screws loose, you have to have some to be an athlete really no matter what you do.

“I’m just happy to be racing, to get out there and give it my all. There are times this season where I haven’t, so I’m pleased to be out there enjoying it again."