Sophie Thornhill MBE and pilot Helen Scott MBE secured Team England’s fourth gold medal of Day 3 after a triumphant race in the women’s B&VI 1000m final, breaking their own world record. 

Thornhill, who eased to victory in the women’s B&VI sprint on the first day at the Gold Coast, set a stunning time of 1:04.623, besting their previous world record they set just a fortnight ago by over 0.4 seconds.

Australian rider Jessica Gallagher and pilot Madison Janssen, who were second-best to Team England on Day 1, were confident of sneaking a shock victory from under the nose of Thornhill by setting a new Games record, only for the 22-year-old to post a blistering deficit of just under three seconds between England and the hosts. 

After a medal rush on the Gold Coast for Team England in the early hours of the morning, Thornhill continued the siege as England continue to close the gap between top-placed Australia. 

Speaking after her dominant performance, Thornhill said:

"Amazing. It's more than we ever thought we'd come away with, to come away with four golds and four world records is just insane. Everyone kept asking me if I was going to break (own world record) , but I'm absolutely over the moon. Can't believe it. 

"The trust that I have in (Helen) definitely came out in a second sprint match on Thursday, fir me I trust her 100% and the way that we're going to go quick and the way that our bike's going to be the best is having complete trust in her and letting her do her thing, so I just have to sit there and pedal hard. You need to co-operate, on and off the bike."

Helen Scott, who also has a gold medal to her name from these Games as a part of the Thornhill-Scott duo in the women's sprint, said:

"We knew that we could do something pretty good so anything we did around what we did in Rio we'd be pleased with, and to surpass it is unbelievable. 

"Sophie and I have been riding together for four years now, we're really good friends and I've got no doubt that really helps. Getting along with each other and being so comfortable enough to have those difficult conversations when training isn't going quite so well and pushing each other every day, I think I spend more time with Sophie than I do with my family and my friends back home. It's a really special partnership and we trust each other 100%, and as the years have gone by we've synced together much better, it's a dream team."