Sandy Ryan continued Team England’s success in the ring as she beat Welsh opponent Rosie Eccles in a split decision in the women’s 69kg welterweight final. 

In an exhilarating fight, Eccles emerged from the first bell looking to stay aggressive and land as many blows as possible, which dazed Ryan, although the Derby boxer soon grew into the fight and found her range. 

She looked dominant in the second, as Ryan slowed the pace down and hit Eccles with some accurate blows to the head, one opening up a cut on the Welshwoman’s nose which required medical attention. 

Both fighters emerged for the third, and final, round with all guns blazing in a breath-taking bout, with heavy blows landed being traded back and forth, but Ryan ultimately emerged on top to clinch England’s third gold medal in the boxing on Day 10.  

She said: “In the last round I went into the game. I wanted to show that I can fight. Obviously, my coaches know I can fight. I know I can fight and box and I’m a better boxer. I just wanted to show that though the game. I have to still beat her at her game. 

“I’m not even at my best. I was 60 kg at Christmas. I’ve moved up two weights. I’ve got a massive plan ahead of me. I’m going to get explosively strong. I’m not developed yet at this weight."