Paul Stephenson the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, today held talks with Indian officials about expanding cooperation between India and Britain to help ensure that next year's Commonwealth Games in New Delhi pass off safely.

Stephenson is currently visiting Mumbai, where he yesterday addressed a meeting of security experts on ensuring "safe and resilient cites", especially in the aftermath of the July 7, 2005 terror attack on London.

He said: "Terrorism is a challenge we must all confront if we are to protect our countries from fear and insecurity and, in taking on this challenge, we are safeguarding the most basic human right – the right of ordinary people to feel safe and go about their daily lives without fear."

A number of overseas countries, including Australia and New Zealand, have expressed concerns over security at the Games following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year, when at least 173 people were killed, and in Lahore in March when the Sri Lanka cricket team were ambushed.

The Indian Government have promised extensive measures will be taken during the Games, including exclusive lanes for vehicles, four-layered security checks at venues, experts to battle chemical or biological weapons as well as helicopter surveillance during the Games.

Stephenson said: "Terrorism is a threat that is global, diverse and sometimes unpredictable.

"But I remain optimistic that we can respond faster and more effectively than ever before, using the same technologies that allow that connectivity to happen."

Article courtesy of Inside the Games..