Team England training partner Nathaniel Brown is eager to stake his claim at this weekend’s British Senior Championships, with hopes of earning a place on Team England’s wrestling roster in four years-time.

Brown, who travelled to the Gold Coast as an additional member of the wrestling squad but did not compete, will take to the mat in Manchester as he bids to show off his wrestling credentials to the national coaches.

“My short term goals are to compete at the British Championships, to stay fit and healthy and to do all the competitions that I’m put forward for,” said Brown.

“The British is tough, it’s open for everyone, the whole world can enter the British.

“Not only do you get the top British wrestlers, you get internationals, so it is an opportunity to put your foot down on that mat  and proving to your head coach that you do deserve to be at the training camps.

“It’s nerve wracking but it’s what you need to be doing to hopefully be in Birmingham in four years representing England.”

Having played a key part in the preparation for the likes of Commonwealth bronze medallist Charlie Bowling as the team’s training partner at this year’s Games, Brown knows he is within reach of achieving his goal of competing a major games.

And having had a first taste of what the Commonwealth Games are all about, Brown is hungrier than ever to have his own moment on the mat at Birmingham 2022.

“Going to the Gold Coast as a training partner, it showed me that I’m not far off the top and it’s given me that fire in my belly.

“And now that there’s a home games to look forward to near my home town there’s another fire in my belly, so there’s two fires in my belly right now.

“I need to go all out and I just want to be out on the mat training twice a day, I need to be competing here in four years. I really do.”