As Team England gets ready for the Commonwealth Games in April 2018, the female athletes are preparing themselves for every physical eventuality, including dealing with menstruation during their stay in Australia. For this reason, Team England is packing a secret weapon for its female athletes: FabLittleBag.

The natural process of having a period has long been associated with stigma, leading women to find themselves in anxious and awkward situations: not what you need when you have to be on top competing form and 100% focussed. One unspoken issue is the disposal of tampons and pads. By having an easy to use and secure method of disposal, Team England's female athletes are replacing anxiety around disposal with a new confidence.

Sarah Winckless Chef de Mission of Team England says,

"We are delighted to be providing FabLittleBags at both our preparation camp and the Games Village. This will allow our athletes to focus on their performance, rather than be distracted by disposal issues around their periods".

“By encouraging the binning of sanitary products, we help to stop any sanitary pollution reaching the oceans, given the beautiful location of the Games, it is a reminder of the environmental impact of our actions”.

Martha Silcott of FabLittleBag says,

"Flushing sanitary products causes blockages and pollution, but binning them can be fraught with difficulties: what if there is no bin, not enough loo roll, or doing the “loo roll wrap” if just plain horrible and awkward? FabLittleBag solves the issue with a simple : Open -In -Seal and Bin process. Opening one-handed, you seal the used items away with no leaks, odour or fuss, perfect for tampons and pads.

“At FabLittleBag we’re so proud to be providing our Team England athletes with a stress-free, eco-conscious solution to disposal that actually feels good too! We salute Team England for also tackling the outdated taboo around periods in such a positive way".  

FabLittleBag is an innovative disposal bag, opaque, with patented loops for one-handed opening, they seal securely closed providing confident disposal. Partly made from corn-starch they are biodegradable, using them prevents the aquatic pollution and pipe blockages caused by flushed sanitary products.

Ian Braid of DOCIAsport says,

"Our athletes' mental health is a core concern. As periods are rarely discussed openly, anxiety around this issue is typically suffered in private.  I am delighted that Team England have adopted such an enlightened and caring approach with their athletes.

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