England pair Jenna Randall and Olivia Allison will return to the pool tomorrow sitting in silver medal position going into their final routine in the synchronised swimming duet.

The pair have come to the Commonwealth Games from the World Cup in China and they improved on their score there in the technical round today, with 44.250.

This places them second, 3.250 points behind the Canadian pairing of Marie-Pi Boudrea-Gagnon and Chloe Issac going into the free routine tomorrow.

Allison said: “We know we have a very good chance to medal. We know it’s tough to beat the Canadians, so to come second would be a big thrill.”

The pair just missed out on a medal in Melbourne, placing fourth, but Allison said they had greatly improved in the intervening four years.

Randall will also start day-two of the synchronised swimming at the Mukherjee Aquatics Complex in silver medal position after a strong showing in the singles.

She goes into the second half of the competition on 44.583 points, trailing Boudreau-Gagnon by 3.084.

"I thought I did quite well,” she said. “The atmosphere in the stadium is really electric so that gave me a bit of encouragement.”

Randall said she had noticed a real improvement in the standard across the board at the Commonwealth Games.

“It’s great to see so many Commonwealth nations getting inolved an doing well,” she said.