Stevan Walton claimed the 400th gold medal for England in a men’s event at the Commonwealth Games when he won the men’s Double Trap singles a day in Delhi after taking gold in the pairs version with partner Steve Scott.

Walton entered the final in top position after scoring 143 in the qualification round and missing only three targets in the final round to win by a handsome margin of four points.

He finished with a total score of 190, making another bit of history by becoming the first English medallist in this event at the Games.

Such was the accuracy of his shooting that Walton had established an unsurmountable lead before the end, as Scott, who had finished earlier than him, pointed out.

“I felt in control, but you are always nervous on occasions like this, and it’s never over until the end. The scores were up on the board, but I tried not to look,” Walton said.

“Steve tapped me on the shoulder before my final pair and said I didn’t need to do any more because I had already won. I didn’t believe him, so I shot them both anyway.

“Winning the gold the day before definitely made a big difference. We were really happy and we brought a bit of that with us today.”

Scott had said after their previous day’s win that “the beers were on hold”. Tonight England’s double gold medallist will allow himself a couple of pints – but that’s all.

“I’ll leave the celebration until I get back home,” he said. Walton should have a bit of time to do that, as he has parted company with the firm in Redditch for whom he worked as a forklift truck driver because they couldn’t give him the required time off.

Meanwhile Mick Gault moved a step nearer to his target of becoming the most bemedalled Commonwealth Games competitor when he won silver in the Pairs 10m air pistol with his partner Nick Baxter.

Gault had to deal with “a tummy problem” and considering his condition was more than happy to retain his silver from Melbourne.

“I am holding it back,” he said. “Tomorrow I will be all out.”

Coach Tom Redhead acknowledged Gault’s achievement. “He won silver fightin fever,” he said.

The medal brings Gault’s total to 16 – just two short of the Games record of 18 set in 2002 by Australia’s Phillip Adams.

Tomorrow Gault and Baxter shoot in the men’s 10m air pistol singles, with Gault looking to regain his Manchester title.