The Queen's Baton two-week stay in England comes to an end tomorrow morning when it's passed across to Scotland but not after a final day in the Geordie sunshine.


The morning began with an early visit to the Angel of the North where County Durham legend Brendan Foster carried the Baton in the shadow of its famous landmark.


After a visit to the Gateshead International Stadium, Foster then passed the Baton to triple jump world record holder Jonthan Edwards on the Millennium Bridge over the river Tyne.


The Baton makes a trip to Alnwick Castle this afternoon for a schools participation event, which includes athletics, boxing, netball and even some Quiddich before a celebration inside the castle itself.


The handover to Scotland takes place tomorrow morning and ends a superb two-week trip around England, visiting some of its main sporting hubs and welcoming national and local heroes to act as Batonbearers.