Six months ago today, England went into lockdown for the first time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


As a nation, we have supported each other to get through these tough times.

We look certain to experience more difficult days ahead, but to mark the fact that we have worked together to help each other through these unprecedented times, Team England is today releasing its ‘Living Through History‘ campaign video.

The ‘Living Through History’ campaign highlights the adaptability that Team England athletes have demonstrated during this time, how they have united communities and stayed focused on their goal of bringing success to the nation in Birmingham in two years’ time.

Narrated by Commonwealth Games England President, Denise Lewis, the film showcases all 19 sports that will be present at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, as well as having 40 athletes on show. 

It is clear that there will be more challenges ahead for the nation and for our athletes, but as this film emphasises, sport can help us through difficult days .

It has the power to unite communities into one team.

Let’s stay strong, Team England.