The next Generation 22 athlete that we will be profiling is somersaulting Chris Murray. The young weightlifter is full of energy and excitement at the prospect of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. And he has more tricks up his sleeve than lifting extremely heavy weights, as his video below shows!

Chris discovered his interest for weightlifting whilst browsing the internet and it grew from there. 

"My first experience of weightlifting was in my school gym, I'd seen some videos on YouTube of people snatching and clean and jerk"

Chirs then, let out a small laugh reflecting on his decision, saying "I just thought I'd give that a go."

From school, Chris continued his weightlifting development at the University of Loughborough. And it was here that he had his favourite sporting memory to date:

"My favourite sporting memory so far would have to be snatching 140kgs in competition at the BUCs championships back in 2019.

"To finally fit it, and to hit it in competition, and to have the crowd behind me just go absolutely nuts, it was just an incredible experience that I don't think I'll ever forget."

Chris was overjoyed when he achieved this, and, buoyed by the crowds raucous reaction, proceeded to backflip on the stage in celebration! 

You can see this, and all of Chris' interview below.

Chris has represented Team England at a youth Games before, and it was here that he first made an impact on the international stage, coming home a medal winner. We asked him how this felt:

"I honestly couldn't believe it when I won my first medal at a major sporting event. It was the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games out in Samoa.

"It was a competition that I almost didn't qualify for and to get selected and to go out and to win a medal at my first international, I just, you couldn't put it into words."

Humble, determined and clearly enjoying himself, Chris has one target in particular. To be a part of Team England at Birmingham 2022. 

We asked him, what it would mean to be part of Team England, and he replied:

"In sport, I don't think there is anything more special than putting on your home colours and representing your country, in a major sporting event."

"It would mean so much to me to put on that Team England jersey and to go out there and do our country proud."

We are really looking forward to following Chris' development over the next few months as he continues his journey, hopefully to the Commonwealth Games next year. And, maybe we can be part of the cheering crowd the next time Chris whips out his brilliant celebration!   

Welcome to Generation 22, Chirs Murray.