Lisa Dobriskey, who won a Commonwealth gold medal in Melbourne in 2006, today announced that she hopes to defend her title in the 2010 Games in Delhi in October. Her husband, Ricky Soos is also hoping to compete in the 800m.

In an article published in the Mail on Sunday Dobriskey said 'I would like to compete and if you can defend a title it’s a big achievement. An international gold medal is what you train and work for, so it is important.’

Her sentiments echo comments made in November by Dame Kelly Holmes, who has won two Commonwealth gold medals and one silver. 

'Medals are there for ever. They last a lifetime. I would never have missed willingly any championships in my career. I’m proud of every medal that I’ve won. '

Despite Dobriskey's intentions to compete in the Europeans in July she is confident that competing through to the Games at the end of the season will not be a problem. 'I raced in 2009 going into October, so it is possible.'

'The Europeans are in July and that gives you a bit of a dip in the season so the Games are definitely do-able. It doesn't bother me that it is in Delhi either, I like to experience different places'.

Since Dobriskey topped the podium in 2006 the Commonwealth Games have had a particular place in her heart. ‘When I won in Melbourne it was one of the most special experiences I have had,’ she said. ‘It meant so much. It’s such a well-supported event, you’re mixing with athletes from different, sports and the athletes’ village was amazing. You don’t get too many opportunities to experience that.’

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