The Commonwealth Games Federation has deemed recent comments as to security concerns in Delhi 2010 as ill informed and confirmed that, based on advice from its own independent experts, security planning for the Games is on track.

CGF President, Michael Fennell, says that while security remains a key issue for Delhi, the relevant Indian authorities are working well to ensure a secure environment for the Games.

“The CGF regards the safety and security of the Games, for athletes and spectators alike, as being of paramount importance and of the highest priority,” Fennell said.

“In 2005, the CGF appointed leading international experts, Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd (IR), as our Security Advisers for Delhi 2010.

“IR has vast Commonwealth, Olympic and multi-sport games experience, and importantly, has a detailed knowledge of what is actually being done with security for Delhi.

“A number of recent media reports on Games’ security come from comments by those who have not worked on any aspect of security planning for the Delhi 2010 Games, and do not have any serious knowledge of the detailed plans across all aspects being put in place by local authorities.”

“In contrast, IR is deeply involved with all levels of the security plan, and its analysis is being undertaken by operatives with senior command or managerial experience in international major events.

“We value their considered and informed view, which is, that the Indian authorities are working well, with appropriate resources being provided.

“The Organising Committee has appointed an internationally respected Government security official, Mr R K Das, as its Director of Security, and he has built a dedicated team
“Additionally, the Delhi Police Commissioner has appointed the extremely well-credentialed Special Commissioner Neeraj Kumar to head its now quite sizeable police planning and operational contingent.

“An initial 2010 Games International Security Conference was held in Delhi last September, open to all Commonwealth nations and territories, and the Home Minister established the International Security Liaison Group (ISLG) within his portfolio to ensure there will be appropriate international cooperation on security for the Games.

“The Ministry and OC have advised there will be a second Games International Security Conference around June 2010 to keep all nations informed, and importantly, involved.

“From the CGF’s side, IR will continue to work collaboratively with the OC, police and other agencies and will continue to review and advise on Games security planning and operations up to and during the Games in October.

“The next comprehensive CGF security adviser's review is scheduled to take place in late February and early March.

“Naturally, we will share a summary of their report with all Commonwealth countries and territories.

“I am pleased to report that, where it counts most – with our members - cool heads prevail, and their planning remains on track to bring the athletes of the Commonwealth to Delhi in October this year.”

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