The poster boy of British diving for the last seven years, Tom Daley has found himself somewhat overshadowed of late by the performances of Jack Laugher.

But with Rio 2016 less than 18 months away, the Olympic bronze medallist is relishing the chance to share the spotlight, confident his teammate’s golden start to the season means there is more to come.

This weekend sees the British team return to the scene of the 2012 Olympics for the latest Diving World Series leg at the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford.

In the last two legs, Laugher has stood atop the podium, having set a new personal best in Dubai to become the first Briton to win 3m springboard World Series gold before following that up with a second victory in Kazan just last Saturday.

Daley, meanwhile, has managed just a single silver with a personal best score in the 10m platform in Dubai – although this season has seen him introduce a new dive to replace the so-called ‘demon dive’ he was struggling with.

But while Laugher has been the one grabbing the headlines, Daley admits the level of performances have not come as a surprise to him.

“Jack Laugher is unstoppable at the moment, the best in the world on the springboard and he’s doing well,” he said.

“I definitely saw Jack’s success coming; it was just a matter of time for him to believe in what he can do.

“His talent is amazing and it took him in Dubai to do the first competition where he got all of his dives spot on and when he did that it must have triggered in his mind that actually he could do this.

“It’s just about pressure now – it’s one thing getting there but it’s another thing staying there.

“They had Chinese divers diving in Dubai and China that didn’t turn up to Russia and they’re not turning up here in London and I think it’s because they are scared of Jack.

“I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t win all of the World Series events.

“It takes off a lot of pressure on me, which helps my diving and having a team that is doing really well makes you feel better so it’s only positives really.”

Daley’s last taste of World Series gold came back in April 2013 when he topped the pile in Edinburgh.

But while he has managed just one podium finish this season, the 20-year-old is certain he is on track for this summer’s World Championships, with London the latest competition in which to prepare for Kazan.

“It is awesome to be back here, I get to train there every day and it’s always nice to be able to compete there because we get good crowds and the more people that can come down and support,” he added.

“There are some positives and negatives to take out of the whole World Series that I’ve done so far.

“Dubai was obviously a highlight with a personal best and a silver medal and then with the Russian leg, there was lots of things that were really good in it – I got the highest scoring dive of the competition in my fifth round.

“So I feel like I’m in the best shape that I have been in for a very long time but it’s just about making sure that I can put it together – because I’m stronger now and can jump higher and making my dives easier, it’s about getting used to that.”

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