Nicky Hunt, double gold medallist in compound archery, learned this morning that she had achieved another distinction, having been voted by her peers as the athlete to carry the England flag at at the closing ceremony.

So, pretty much perfect Games for Hunt, then?

“Yes,” she replied with a laugh. “It couldn’t have been any better. Getting two gold medals out of two chances is absolutely the stuff of wildest dreams, so this is the icing on the cake.”

This 25-year-old resident of Ipswich, a member of the team which beat India at the Commonwealth Games tournament final in Delhi earlier this year, works as a full-time physiotherapist for the NHS in Suffolk.

Unlike some of her colleagues, Hunt found the noise levels from home spectators did not cause her any problems in the course of competition.

“I was quite lucky,” she said. “I faced an Indian in the second round, but we were on the main field all together so it wasn’t too noisy at all for me.

“It was quite unusual with the noise being made during competition. You can liken it to being at Wimbledon and being silent for a service. But the thing about India is they are excited, they love their sport, which is really fantastic, because the people have made a great atmosphere at the venues.”

As compound archery – as opposed to recurve – is not included in the London 2012 Games, the next big objective for Hunt, ranked second in the world, is next year’s World Championships in Italy.

Although she doesn’t have friends and family out here, her mother and father, and boyfriend Michael, have been following her exploits on TV.

“The coverage was really good,” she said. “They got up at five in the morning on Saturday to watch my individual, which was very good, and it was shown again at nine.

“I’ve been really disciplined out here,” she added. “But I will celebrate when I get home.”

By the time she does so, there will be one more memorable reason to raise a glass.