Commonwealth Games Federation President, Michael Fennell, has announced the formation of an independent Technical Review Panel of international Games experts to fast-track Delhi’s preparations to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Fennell made the announcement following the meeting of all Commonwealth nations and territories at his organisation’s General Assembly in Delhi.

“I made it well known before arriving in Delhi this week that the CGF believes Delhi faces an enormous challenge in being ready to host the Games in October next year,” Fennell said.

“But while the CGF can express its concerns and offer its advice, it is the Organising Committee, along with the Governments of India and Delhi, who have the responsibility of organising the Delhi 2010 Games.

“The CGF remains aware that while initial changes have occurred with the appointment of some functional experts, progress will need to be constantly monitored, and at times, fast-tracked.

“With two years to go to the Delhi Games I said to the Organising Committee that time was not their friend.

“With one year to go, I now say that time is your enemy, but together we can defeat it.

“To this end, the CGF Executive Board has decided to establish a high level independent Technical Review Panel that will meet each month and monitor progress against promise.

“This Technical Review Panel will report monthly - in an open and transparent fashion - to all stakeholders – the Prime Minister’s Office, the Government of Delhi, to the Organising Committee, the CGF, the CGAs and the media.

“The panel will consist of a Chairman and other experts, all with vast Games experience.

“We will empower them to call in other technical experts as required, and to liaise and engage with CGA representatives to ensure relevant policies are put in place and implemented.

“The Panel will establish timelines for all areas, monitor progress against those timelines, and assist the OC to create policies and plans to deliver the Games.

“It will then report openly at the end of each meeting, presenting its findings to a media conference to ensure it is operating, and is seen to be operating, transparently.

“By having this review board report in this public forum, all involved – CGAs, athletes, coaches, administrators, commercial partners and media – can gain confidence that Delhi will be ready to welcome them in September next year.

“But the Review Board alone is not the answer.

“Our Coordination Commission will continue to visit, with its next visit in December, when the Organising Committee has undertaken to address all key issues across all functional areas.

“The Organising Committee knows of its own deficiencies and Mr Kalmadi is committed to achieving a great Games for India.

“I have no doubt that these Games can still be great. But now every day is pivotal and every hour vital.”


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