At Team England, we are proud to be English and support 'All things England'. Below, you are able to see what our sports stars, fans and friends regard as their personal favourite things about England.

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We’ve interviewed a number of Team England’s top athletes about their #BestOfEngland and here are some of our favourite answers from them:

Sian Honnor

Commonwealth Gold medal winning England Bowls player

Quirky, embracing and celebratory

I think the fact that English people are quite quirky and probably quirkier than people think they are and love to celebrate anything. Obviously at the moment, now the weather is nice, with the slightest glimmer of sunshine, you’ve got supermarkets selling out of camping stuff, barbeque stuff and it makes me laugh. I think English people like to see the good in everything and in everyone and if there is something to celebrate or something to get behind, that’s what they tend to do.

I think that in a world where there is so much anguish and problems it’s good to see the good in the small things in life and not take things for granted.


Derek Redmond

Retired English sprinter who won gold medals in the 4x400 metres relay at the World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games

Royal Family, countryside and cars

There are three things that really stick out for me about England. Firstly, I love our Royal Family, everything they bring to the country and what they represent – they are great!

Secondly, I am a massive fan of the great English countryside! You won’t get better scenery anywhere in the world that you will have a nice stroll around the green green grass of England.

And last but not least - our car heritage! Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar - even though I’m not sure they count now as they are no longer UK owned!!


Beth Tweddle

Retired English artistic gymnast that is recognised as Britain’s most successful gymnast in history

Home Comforts

I am always travelling around the world but I only really get to see the venue and the hotel in all these magnificent countries. However, people always ask me if, now I am retired, would I like to go travelling? And I say no. Why? Because nothing beats that feeling of landing on English soil and getting that amazing feeling of being home.

England is my home comforts, being able to be close to my family and friends and never feel too far away from them.