At Team England, we are proud to be English and support 'All things England'. Below, you are able to see what our sports stars, fans and friends regard as their personal favourite things about England.

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Our recent favourites from our fans, friends and sporting stars are:


We’ve interviewed a number of Team England’s top athletes about their #BestOfEngland and here are some of our favourite answers from them:

Gail Emms, MBE

Retired English badminton player who has achieved international success in doubles tournaments

Quaint and Quirky

I have two boys now; a five year old and a two year old so I think what is quite nice is how I am able to teach them about England. They always ask questions, like ‘Why is it called England?’ and ‘Where are we in the World?’ and about the language an how to pronounce words and about the north-south divide for words such as ‘bath’.

It has made me appreciate all the quaintness and quirkiness of being English.

Tom Mitchell

England 7s Captain


It’s a bit of a sentimental answer, but we’re fortunate to represent England all year round, and be exposed to great support not just here in England but all around the world. We get a huge amount of support globally and to see the passion and people getting behind us is amazing and it makes you proud to be English.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson

22 year-old English heptathlete who was ranked as No 1 in the world in heptathlon last year

Queueing and respect


I love the fact that everyone queues. I'm not going to name names but I have been to countries where people just do not respect the queue. And English people really take that seriously.