In the mixed compound team, the gold medal went to Nicky Hunt and Chris White. The GB Two beat Mexico’s Hafir Jaime and Linda Ochoa 155 to 150

In each discipline the best mixed teams of the World Cup season also came to Edinburgh to shoot against the host Great Britain. In the compound event, team Mexico, who finally won the place by claiming the gold medal in Shanghai, represented by Hafid JAIME and Linda OCHOA, competed against Chris WHITE and Nicky HUNT.

HUNT was paired with fellow countryman WHITE for a mixed team World Cup medal.

In the first end of four arrows (two arrows for each archer), HUNT shot two strong X10 while WHITE had a 9 and a 10. With 39 points in the first end, the local team took the lead by three points since their Mexican opponents had 36 points with 9-9-10-8. It is notable that it was the male archer shooting first in the Mexican team while the female was the first to take the line for the British.  Shooting first in the second end, OCHOA and JAIME scored a 9 each. They were imitated by WHITE and HUNT with two 9s as well. The Mexicans put pressure with a 10 and an X10 to close the second end. WHITE took his time to release an X10 as well. With only two second left on the clock, HUNT also managed an X10 to keep the 3-point advantage (77-74).

Mexico got 9-X10-X10-9 in the third end. It remained a 3-point game after Team GB held on with 9-9-10-10 also.

To conclude the mixed team event in the best possible way WHITE and HUNT clinched the match with a perfect last end (10-10-X10-10!). Although shooting well with two 9s and two 10, OCHOA and JAIME had to concede defeat against the local favourites! Final score: 155-150 for Great Britain.

In the recurve mixed team Naomi Folkard and Simon Terry took the silver medal, they lost to the USA 138 to 133

The mixed team matches in Edinburgh followed the traditional scoring system of four ends of four arrows, therefore 16 arrows in total.

Both teams had the lady shoot in first position. The American double had the best start with X10-10-10-8. With 38 points out of 40 they were already 6-point ahead of their opponents from the home country who scored 7-9-8-8 (32).  More difficult second end for ELLISON and NICHOLS who scored 7-8-9-9/33. However, TERRY and FOLKARD did not take benefit of it; shooting another end of 32 points (8-8-7-9) to trail by seven points (64-71).

After NICHOLS shot a poor 5 at her first arrow in the third end, the Americans lost part of their advantage and led 104-99 before the last four arrows.  However, and although a 10 by TERRY at the 14th arrow of his team, the British pair had to concede defeat by 133-138.

Indivdual Results

Ladies Recurve

Gold  YUN Ok-Hee (KOR),Silver  KOVAL Victoriya (UKR), Bronze  KI Bo Bae (KOR), 4 MOSPINEK Justyna (POL), 5 KUMARI Deepika (IND), 6 FOLKARD Naomi (GBR), 7 KUZNIATZOVA Alena (BLR), 8 BANERJEE Dola (IND)

Mens Recurve

Gold  ELLISON Brady (USA), Silver IM Dong-Hyun (KOR), Bronze TALUKDAR Jayanta (IND), 4 GALIAZZO Marco (ITA), 5 KIM Woojin (KOR), 6 FRANGILLI Michele (ITA), 7 TERRY Simon (GBR), 8 WILLS Alan (GBR)

Ladies Compound

Gold  LOGINOVA Albina (RUS), Silver WALLACE Ashley (CAN), Bronze  ANSCHUTZ Erika (USA), 4 GALES Andrea (GBR), 5 HUNT Nicky (GBR), 6 OCHOA Linda (MEX), 7 VAN NATTA Jamie (USA), 8 VANDIONANT Sandrine (FRA)

Mens Compound

Gold  PAGNI Sergio (ITA), Silver  GELLENTHIEN Braden (USA), Bronze  WILLET JR. Rodger (USA), 4 TEASDALE Shaun (NZL), 5 JIMENEZ Jorge (ESA), 6 DAMSBO Martin (DEN), 7 TRILLUS Dietmar (CAN), 8 WHITE Chris (GBR)